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Aquaman: WB Planning To Replace Jason Momoa? Breakdown Of The Viral Rumor

WB reportedly all set to a new Aquaman to replace Jason Momoa

Aquaman deserved the joke of every superhero for years. As a man with the power to talk to Fish, the idea for the Aquaman movie was seen as a one-way ticket to a giant flop. Then James Wan and Jason Momoa teamed up and Singlehandley made the character great. Momoa’s compliment on Arthur Curry was almost universally praised and he can take credit for a good chunk of Aquaman’s $ 1.1 billion box office. But it looks like Warner Bros. is already looking for a replacement for it.

Aquaman to replace Jason Momoa

According to our sources, they have big plans for their universe. Momoa will be in the role of Aquaman 2 and Aquaman 3 from what we understand. However, after the conclusion of the third movie, Arthur finally takes the throne of Atlantis and is considered his full-time king. These real responsibilities would come from realizing that he couldn’t be the king of Atlantis and continue his superhero duties as Aquaman, so he would approve a proposal for the new character.

Are there any new characters too???

He said the new character will be the DCEU version of Young Justice Kaladur. In that series, he is the son of Black Manta, although he is being taken under Aquaman’s wing as his hero and eventually leads the Young Justice team. If the films follow this path, then we can see Mokoena in French beyond Aquaman 3, even if he’s in a supporting role.

Whatever happens, Warner Bros. has long-term plans for the property. Aquaman 2 is officially in development and is aiming for a December 2024 release date, while work is also underway on a “horrified” spin-off on The Trench. If the franchise continues this trajectory, we can see Aquaman 3 in 2025.

Until that moment, Momoa has been in office for almost a decade, so it makes sense that he doesn’t want to move on to other projects.

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