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Florida Father Drowned Toddler Son To Death

A Florida father is suspected of killing his young son before taking his own life late last week

As per the reports, 28-year-old Miguel Leonardo-Hernandez and his 19-month-old son Kevin Leonardo-Cisnero were discovered lifeless on Thursday night in Lake George in Orlando.

According to investigators, the father drowned the child in the lake and then returned after a while when he gave up his life.

The man had a dispute with his wife

Orlando police spokeswoman Heidi Rodriguez said there was an ongoing dispute between Leonardo Hernandez and the boy’s mother, according to the sources. Rodriguez also said that the father-son duo was caught in the CCTV footage at the lake

It is not clear why Miguel Leonardo-Hernandez left and then returned, although Hernandez would have said that very little time had passed between the two drowning deaths.

The investigation interprets this case as a murder-suicide.

No one charged yet. The officers are still investigating and are interviewing the family members.

This is an evolving story.

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