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Amazon Prime Videos Preparing A Series On Alex Cross! Here’s Who Plays Who!

Amazon Prime Videos is gearing up for a series on Alex Cross. James Patterson’s Alex Cross could soon be arriving at small screens.

A source has got exclusively that Amazon is now developing an Alex Cross TV series, which is based on the novels featuring the character addressed by Patterson.

Cross works as a spy

Throughout the novel, Cross works as a spy, FBI agent, and doctor in Washington, D.C. There is no word though on which particular fiction or novels the show would center on, but now there are a total of 29 books from which to pick.

Bill Robinson and Patterson of James Patterson Entertainment will executive produce as well as David Ellison, Dana Goldberg, and Marcy Ross for Skydance Television. The show hails from Amazon Studios, Skydance, and Paramount Television Studios.

Could be the project move forward, it would not be the first time Cross has arrived onscreen. Morgan Freeman performed the role in two movies — ‘Kiss the Girls’ in 1997 and ‘Along Came a Spider’ in 2001. Tyler Perry then acted him in the film ‘Alex Cross,’ which was arrived in 2012.

This also indicates the newest collaboration between Amazon, Skydance, and Paramount on a series reflected a book character.

Now, the three organizations are co-operating on the action series ‘Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan,’ which is planning to broadcast its third season on the platform.

Amazon had greenlit a series based on Lee Childs’ Jack Reacher books

The previous week, it was stated that Amazon had greenlit a series which is based on Lee Childs’ Jack Reacher books with Skydance and Paramount, also creating that program with Amazon. The first season of that series will be reflected Childs’ first Jack Reacher fiction, ‘The Killing Floor.’

Now, James Patterson Entertainment is under a growing contract with Imagine Entertainment to produce programs which is based on Patterson’s children’s books. At the same time, the organization is also now under a first-look agreement with CBS Television Studios.

Most lately, Patterson and Bill Clinton arrived a pilot order at Showtime for a project, which is based on their book ‘The President Is Missing,’ which was arrived in 2018.

David Oyelowo is connected to star in the pilot. Other programs which is based on Patterson’s work add ‘Zoo,’ ‘Instinct,’ and ‘Women’s Murder Club.’

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