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Texas Couple Sent Behind Bars After They Drowned Newborn Baby In Bucket Of Tar

A Texas couple is behind bars after police found a one-week-old baby in a five-gallon bucket of tar over the weekend

The sources reported that on Saturday, authorities arrested Donna and Roland Grabowski, parents of Micah a one-week-old baby. According to the Sheriff, authorities were alerted and arrived at the couple’s home in Princeton after someone called and reported the infant’s possible death, which was not reported.

The couple claimed that their friend was babysitting the baby

The suspects were not at home at the time, but authorities eventually found them in Dallas based on cell phone records. The couple initially lied to investigators and claimed that their newborn was being watched by a family friend. The affidavits of the arrest say they also asked a friend to lie to the authorities.

After the police arrested the couple, details of Micah’s death began to leak. According to the warrant, the suspects told friends the baby had died from sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) on July 29.

After obtaining a search warrant for the couple’s home, investigators found Micah in a shed behind the residence, submerged in a bucket of tar.

An autopsy is being conducted to find the official cause of the death

A medical examiner is currently performing an autopsy to determine the official cause of the baby’s death.

Charges for the crime

Court documents say Ronald Grabowski is a registered molestation offender after being convicted of “aggravated physical abuse of a child”. He had also previously been charged with burglary and drug possession.

Roland Grabowski was accused of mistreating a corpse, abandoning or endangering a child, abusing the corpse, and tampering with evidence. He’s in Collin County Jail on $ 925,000 bail.

Donna Grabowski faces the same charges. She is being held at Collin County Jail on $ 1,075,000 bail.

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