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A Superman: Man of Tomorrow: First Look Of The Upcoming Animated Movie Revealed

We know that DC’s upcoming movies had been pushed back for an uncertain time period die to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic resulting in banning public gatherings to prevent the further spread of the deadly virus.

However, there is some good news for the DC fans as one of the most loved superheroes is soon to return on our small screens. We are talking about none other than Superman, which is coming back through an animated movie called Superman- Man Of Tomorrow.

Expected Release Date Of A Superman: Man of Tomorrow

Source: GeekTyrant

No release date has come up till now but the first look of the anime movie had been revealed which hints out that the movie is all set to be launched by summer 2024 itself.

Plot Of The A Superman: Man of Tomorrow

The film would focus on Kal – El’s early days when working earlier as an intern for the Daily Planet and how he saves the city. When we are talking about Superman it is not possible we do not recall Lex Luthor.

Yes, the villain would be back too and we know that Superman would not be alone sufficient to face him. Hence, the other superheroes would also mark their entry in the upcoming anime.

Cast Of A Superman: Man of Tomorrow

Darren Criss would be the voice over artist for Superman while Zachery Quinto would be for Lex Luthor. DC had everything clear in its mind and is bringing up a lot of digital content for its viewers to binge-watch during the time of self-quarantine.

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