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A Movie Based On Stephen King’s Novel The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon Is In The Works

About The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon

The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon (1999) is a psychological horror novel by American writer by the artist Stephen King. A film arrangement to be presented and got offered by Chris Romero was published in 2019. The movement happens under the looming shadow of the opening of It Chapter Two, the highly anticipated sequence to the highest-grossing horror movie of all time. Tom Gordon tells of a young girl named Trisha McFarland who gets dropped while exploring and traveling with her recently got divorced mother and brother in the woods.

Nine years old and afraid of the dark, the girl winds up blundering through the woods for nine days, straying isolated and farther from civilization even as she tries to make her way back home. As she walks, dehydration, hunger, and exhaustion cause her to hallucinate, talking to several people, including her favorite, a baseball performer named Tom Gordon. But she also starts to believe that she is being got stalked by a supernatural beast known as The God of the Lost, and soon her trial becomes a test of both her intelligence and her ability to fight for her life.

A Film Based On Stephen King’s Novel

The artist George Romero, who brought zombies into pop culture with his Night of the Living Dead movies, was originally got involved in a Tom Gordon adaptation in the early 2000s, after having previously worked with King on Creepshow and The Dark Half. The project stalled, and Romero took expired in 2017.

The artist Chris Romero, who was married to the director for three decades and worked with him their liked Sanibel Films, asked to restore the project, and teaming with Silbert, who is perhaps best known for working with Stan Lee to co-create the immersive audiobook, Stan Lee’s Alliances A Trick of the Light.

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