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365 Days 2: The Sizzling Film Has Confirmed Sequel!

‘365 Dani’ is a Polish film that is finally available for broadcast after its international cinemas. The romantic and gripping content of the film has gained a lot of popularity recently. And since it is based on a trilogy of novels of the same name written by Polish writer Blanka Lipinska, many now await its sequel. Although the ending of the movie leaves a lot of room for a possible follow-up, will it really happen? Well, to find the answer, read on.

Here you will get to know everything regarding the 365 Days 2:

The expected release date of the 365 Days part 2:

The 365 Days 2 release date has not yet been announced. It was confirmed that the sequel was planned to be returned in February 2024. Production was halted due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic. Filming becomes scheduled to start withinside the summertime season of 2024. But it changed into canceled because of the outbreak.

365 DNI: The Backlash Against Netflix's Racy New Movie | Observer
Source: Observer

We can expect the next movie to start filming sometime in the summer of 2024 or mid-2021, based on the fact that by the end of this year. Although the first film has been criticized by a large number of people, it is one of the most anticipated sequels.

The expected storyline of the 365 Days 2:

The movie is based on a trilogy of books. If the story follows the events of the novel in movies, the second part will be better and more steamy than the first. According to the books, Laura is alive and will also appear in a second series.

There have been some rumors about the introduction of the new character. The main actors of Michelle Morrone and Anna Maria will remain as before. We have to wait a little longer for the sequence.

The cast of the 365 Days 2:

  • Anna-Maria Sieklucka as Laura
  • Michele Morrone as Massimo.
  • Magdalena Lamparska (Olga Natasza)
  • Otar Saralidze (Domenico)
  • Bronisław Wrocławski (Mario)
  • Urbańska (Anna)

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