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Wonder Woman 1984 Will Be The Second Longest DCEU Movie

Wonder Woman 1984. Wonder Woman 1984 is an upcoming DC movie of which all DC fans are waiting. Wonder Woman 1984 is a sequel of a superhero movie Wonder Woman which was a huge hit in cinemas and also received very much appreciation from the audience. Gal Gadot is coming back with her massive role Wonder Woman in the movie and also the director and writer returning with the flick. The budget of the movie is approximately $ 175 million.

As we all know due to pandemic many TV shows and movies faced delays, Wonder Woman 1984 is one of those. One must be thinking that what could be the story of the movie and what could be the runtime?

So, Here Is The Answer Of You Questions, Runtime Of The Movie Is Finally Revealed, Keep Reading…

Wonder Woman 1984: What’s The Runtime Of The Movie?

So, the runtime of the movie is finally revealed. The Runtime of the movie was revealed by a source and later was shared by a fan on Twitter. Wonder Woman 1984 will be of 151 minutes, two minutes longer than Wonder Woman.

Here’s The Post Shared By Fan:

The Runtime of the movie which is 151 minutes makes it the second-longest movie of the Franchise (DCEU), Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice lies on first which is of only two minutes longer than Wonder Woman 1984 that means 153 minutes.

Wonder Woman 1984: What’s The Release Date?

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak production of all the movies and Tv shows that were on halt, Wonder Woman 1984 was about to hit the theaters on the 5th June Of 2024, but later it was decided by the producers to release on the 14th of August. But the final release date of the movie is announced now which is 2nd of October 2024.

Wonder Woman 1984: Trailer

Here’s the amazing trailer for the amazing movie…