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Wonder Woman 1984: When Will It Release? Storyline Details

The Kids Novelist movie Wonder Woman 1984 is finally going to release, which is great news for all its fans who have been waiting for the new season. Here’s what we know.

Wonder Woman 1984 Season 2 Release:

The second part of the Wonder Woman 1984 is now confirmed finally after getting delayed for so long. The Wonder Woman 1984 is finally going to be released on October 2 this year in the U.S. by Warner Bros in Dolby Cinema, IMAX, IMAX 3D and Real 3D.

Wonder Woman 1984 Storyline:

The sequel Wonder Woman 1984 plot has been rumbling among the fans. Let us tell you what all we know about its plot. So, firstly as the title of the sequel says, the second part of the movie is confirmed to take place in the 1980s moving towards the cold War ending. In 1917, Diana had fished an American Military Pilot, which got crashed in the waters of Themyscira with a mission to stop the Ares- The God of Wars. The next part of the movie is going to face an all-new enemy which is the Cheetah.

Wonder Woman 1984
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Well, talking about Diana, she will be seen working at the Natural History Museum, which is in Washington, D.C.She is having a quiet life while dealing with the biggest consequence – being immortal. She has lost almost all her loved ones, and close ones and her life seem empty and quiet. So she gets happiness while doing and helping others.

Wonder Woman 1984 Cast:

The cast of the Wonder Woman sequel is going to return with the actors including Prince Oberyn who plays the villain Maxwell Lord, Kristen Wiig who plays the role of Barbara Minerva also known as Cheetah and also the line’s return as Steve Trevor. Further, the Indian Actress Soundarya Sharma has also confirmed her role in the sequel while expressing her excitement and being overwhelmed of doing her dream role in the movie. She has always dreamt of playing such a character and idolizing it, she added.

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