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Wonder Woman 1984: Possible Release Date After Delay

It is apparent that several ongoing TV shows and movie projects keeps on delaying for a suitable release. Some of the movies got the OTT release and some of them are still sticking with theatrical releases and that’s why they are insisting to delay the projects for a safe release. Likes of Black Widow and Wonder Woman 1984, the two women-centric superhero movies are still in speculations regarding their release dates.

Currently, we are focusing on Wonder Woman as its release date just got pushed again and fans are fuming. DC Fandome event was much of an indication by DC whats come ahead and how it will affect the scenario of Cinemas.

But for now, we have to stick with Wonder Woman and try to give every possible information about its arrival.

Release Date

It looks like DC is learning from the mistake of Tenet release as the film didn’t collect much revenue than expected. So they decided that they could delay the existing projects which could give them a major boost. it is apparent that Wonder Woman tends to release next month but the flick is testing the patience of fans and they don’t even want an OTT release. Recently, Wonder Woman 1984 got pushed for a December release and taking the measures to avoid further loss in their collections.