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Willow 2: Star Says He’s Down To Return For A Sequel!!!

Willow Star says he would return for a sequel as Willow 2!!!

“Magic is the blood flow of the universe. Forget what you know or think. All you need is your intuition. ”

What had Willow Star stated??

Interestingly, in a recent interview, Kevin Pollack, the actor who called the mischievous brownie Rul in the original image, said he expressed interest in returning to the franchise:

If I don’t mind, then I would love to. This makes one belong to the limit of possibility, which helps prevent such incidents, which are being observed these days. He went from the corridors to show some difference. I am not involved in any production, and I am not impressed in any way. While trying to move to UP, I was ready to start the new year with summer actor Warwick Davis, as it would be, having previously met Bright, Rick Everton and myself, he was also supporting the income. I am not listening to anything. I think it should be over 100% of course. It was an equal role to play. I love doing, I think.

A full-length television series recently went into pre-production on Lucasfilm

And now is rumored to be coming exclusively to Disney Plus sometime in the future. By now, we know that Warwick Davis has confirmed that he will reprise his role as a homonym farmer-saucer, Willow Ufgood. We also know that Jonathan Kasdan, the scribe for Solo: A Star Wars Story, is driving the first draft of the script. However, beyond this, details are sparse about the long-awaited project.

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