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Will Doctor Strange’s ‘WONG’ Appear In Marvel’s Shang Chi?

Simu Liu, the lead star of Marvel’s Shang Chi, was spotted on a lunch with Doctor Strange star Benedict Wong, thanks to the paparazzi.

A new image of Benedict Wong Doctor Strange and Simu Liu has sparked speculation about whether Wong will appear in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. Marvel Studios has officially confirmed plans to make a solo movie of the Kung Fu master last year at Comic-Con in San Diego. It was revealed that Simu Liu will be portraying the title role in the film with Tony Leung as the real Mandarin.

Since then, fans and audiences have wondered which other actors will be in the film, as Marvel hasn’t shared many details. In between piles of rumors, Awkwafina is the only name that has been confirmed as the new cast member for the Marvel flick. The additions of Michelle Yeoh or Florian Munteanu have been the subject of rumors, and both have fueled them through posts on social networks.

The production house is back on track in Australia following the forced shutdown by the COVID-19 pandemic, and now a familiar face of the MCU could be involved.
In three films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Benedict Wong has played Wong so far and was last seen in Avengers: Endgame.

Contrasting and digging deep, Wong’s IMDb page clearly states that the actor does not have any new ongoing productions. But what’s the story?

The two actors were spotted at a restaurant in Australia, which has sparked rumors about Wong’s presence in Shang Chi. The MCU flick production is currently going on, and Wong is an established MCU character, increasing the chances of his participation in the movie.

An official confirmation regarding the participation of Doctor Strange actor is yet to be announced by Marvel. The caption to the image could even be read as an indication that this isn’t the first time the two of them have dined at the restaurant. Even if he’s in the movie, there’s a chance his role won’t appear in future marketing materials, leaving the movie’s release to reveal his involvement or lack of it.

However, if Wong has a role in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the ten rings, it is fascinating to consider the implication of the appearance of a master of the mystical arts. Mandarin has been said to a character from Marvel comics who can do magic. It’s even possible that the Mandarin’s ten rings have ties to magic in the MCU, rather than having their origin from ancient dragon-like aliens.

This even makes the original Phase 4 plan for Shang-Chi to be the last movie before Doctor Strange in Madness’s Multiverse. It will be a massive treat for fans of Wong gets featured in both films. As of now, we just have to wait for an official announcement from the makers.

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