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Why Black Widow Should Not Release On Disney Plus?

It is apparent that film projects and shows are getting delayed due to coronavirus pandemic. Taking the latest instance of Tom Hank’s Greyhound, which preferred the OTT release over theatrical. So it’s clear that some filmmakers don’t want to risk the authenticity of the film and stick to theatre release, and they eventually keep on delaying the films.

Likes Of Wonder Woman, Tenet and Black Widow already got pushed to other dates, and fans are quite satisfied with it. But today, the main concern is about Black Widow, which will be much-awaited flick after the events of Avengers Endgame. Last year the phase there finished with Spider-Man far from home, and thus, the starting of phase four depends upon the release of Black Widow.

Why It Should Not Release On Disney Plus Before Theatres?

Now we are only praying that Black Widow should not have forcefully opted for OTT release. However, we are aware of the fact that there are fewer chances that Marvel opts Disney Plus over theatrical release. We have a few reasons to justify the fact that the flick should not be an OTT release.

Final Appearance

It may be the final appearance of Black Widow, and it will be a huge disrespect to the character if the theatrical release got failed. So to offer a proper standoff, then the flick should be release on theatres rather than their streaming giant. The platform will offer many TV series, and now the future of Marvel depends upon the shows, and there will be fewer films in upcoming years.


It’s the pretty obvious reason and the secondary ones for which the flick was made in the first place. Marvel would gain no profits if they preferred the OTT release over theatres. So collections are a major milestone to judge the success of the flick over the box office as Avengers Endgame already broken the records of highest-grossing ever made.

So these reasons could be justified for the cause, and there should not be an OTT release at any cost. But in our opinion, Marvel would never take this bold step as it could be backfired at any moment.

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