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What We Know So Far About DC FanDome Virtual Convention

The real world is devastating and heartbreaking, so DC is building a new one for fans to escape.

The DC FanDome announcement is good news for fans, who generally rely on the summer conference circuit to provide a host of announcements and behind-the-scenes glimpses of the properties of the long-awaited genre during the calendar year and beyond. Many high-profile projects have stalled or been postponed as a result of the epidemic, with an event like Fandom feeling even more valuable in containing the fire of stranded fans in the absence of new content.

Expect not just panels and presentations, but something more Fortnite or a small virtual Roblox playground – a digital world with event maps visitors can discover and participate in, as well as hidden treasures, secret rooms, and you, can search to render.

The announcement included a map of the assembly’s different worlds, though we don’t yet know what it would look like when those areas appeared on the computer screen. While the ATX Television Festival and Pelli Center broadcast taped panels in place of the gathering, DC Fandom is making the convention experience more of a sport.

The panels will be featured with speakers appearing as holograms rather than videos from portable cameras from their homes and will range from new thematic director Patty Jenkins’ exploration of the upcoming Wonder Woman 1984 (recently re-released to the October release). of many things. Gerald Zack Snyder’s Cut of Justice League, a movie originally released by Joss Whedon with a major remodel.

Organizers also mentioned new information about the upcoming Capped Crusader movie The Batman

Played by Robert Pattinson and directed by Matt Reeves, who was in the midst of a shooting in England when the epidemic stopped, as well as the suicide of James Gunn. Equipment.

There will also be meeting places where Phandix subsets can hang out together, like Blander and Boujee House. For strangers, “Blurred” is short for “Black Nerd” and “Boujee”, hip-hop slang (popularized by the Migos song “Bad and Boujee”), which refers to something or someone who is brilliant, of the first class. Of, or upward mobility of.

While there’s no doubt that people around the world are eager to participate in real-life events, virtual festivities like DC FanDome run after the COVID-19 threat without the need or expense of traveling for more people. There may be a way to drink. distant memory

However, live events are the main income generators for the cities that host them, and they are profitable. As long as money is made, people will massage each other for these epic events once it’s safe to do so. However, if everything happens according to plan, such virtual conferences can turn into a whole new revenue stream.

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