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Transformers Alum Megan Fox Seperated From Husband Brian Austin Green

Brian Autin Green and his wife Megan Fox are living separately at this time, and there are dating rumours!

Brian Austin Green has now put all the speculations at the other side and finally confirmed that he and his wife Megan Fox have now decided to end their marriage. The couple has been married for more than ten years now.

Brian says he and Megan are trying to be very much apart from each other!

On the 18th of May 2024, there happened to be a podcast that was titled With Brian Austin Green, and during it, the actor accepted the fact that he and Megan are trying to be apart as much as possible.

Media has seen Megan Fox along with Mchine Gun Kelly and they think the two havebeen datings! 

All this while, he has confirmed this news now, but people know that these guys have been separate since 2019 came to an end. After proving this news, he went on to address the dating rumours that are rising about his wife and Machine Gun Kelly.

Megan and Kelly were spotted buying groceries, and thus people think they might be dating!

Recently, while this lockdown because of the fatal Corona Virus have been sparking romance rumours between Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly after they were photographed together.

But now, Brian Austin Green has stepped down to tell the fans about the reality of this popular rumor and denied it!

Addressing this issue, Green said that those guys are just friends at this point. The actor also stated that he is not the victim and added that he does not want people to think that Megan or Kelly are villains of any sort or even he was a victim in any way of this because he was not.

Brian does want people to take this news in the wrong sense because Megan and Kelly are just friends! 

He also said that usually he and Megan stay reticent about stuff like this and they just sort of let the story be what people want to make of it.

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