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TRAGIC: A Year Old Child Murdered In His House While He Was Asleep

Police said that a 1-year-old boy was killed while asleep in his bed on early Sunday morning.

1-year-old Toddler Rory Norman died on early Sunday morning when someone armed with a rifle sneaked up to his bedroom window and started the shooting, Dallas Police Chief Renee Hall stated at an emotional news conference.

“It occurred on my watch, and I am furious, and this s*** has to stop in this city,” said a visibly outraged Hall as she revealed reporters a recent video of Rory smiling and stating his name as his mother cheered “Yeahhh!”

The death of the 1-year-old marked the fourth time in the first week of 2024 that kids under the age of 10 were murdered by gun violence in the United States and appeared after a year in which more than 150 kids under the age of 13 were shot to death across the nation, according to sources.

Hall stated that had Rory lived, and he would have observed his second birthday on January 24.

The kid’s 20-year-old uncle, who was home from university for the holidays, was also shot many times in the unexpected incident, and he is in stable condition in a Dallas hospital.

The gunfire unfolded at around 3:30 am on Sunday when police assume someone familiar with the home’s design walked up to a bedroom window and fired many times into the house.

As of Monday, no arrests have been made, and police were urging the public for help in knowing the suspect.

“What we understand about this shooting currently is that it was intended, it was deliberate, and this place was targeted,” Hall said.

Hall stated that the attacker must have known people were inside the home asleep and directed the rifle to kill.

“He fired only into the bedroom. He angled the gun in a downward position. And, because it was 3:30 am, he acknowledged that the residents of the home would be asleep, and so he acknowledged where to fire.”

She stated that while detectives know a rifle was used in the homicide, she admitted that little details is known about the gunman.

The police are asking for anyone with information about the shooter to contact the officials.

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