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‘Top Gun 2: Maverick’ 4 Things We Know About The Tom Cruise Sequel

Here are the 4 things that we are well aware of the second movie of Top Gun Maverick.

1. Introduction

All the people who have seen the first film are well aware of the fact that Top Gun Maverick is an action film that has been directed by Joseph Kosinski. Al this while, the screenplay of this film has been done by Ehren Kruger along with Eric Warren Singer as well as Christopher McQuarrie. It has been adopted from a story written by Peter Craig and Justin Marks.

This film is going to serve as a sequel to the film called Top Gun which released back in 1986.

2. Release Date.

Top Gun Maverick has also been assigned with a confirmed release date. It will come out in the cinemas on the 23rd of December 2024. The distributor of Top Gun Maverick is Paramount Pictures. First, it was supposed to come out back on the 12th of July 2019. The film has been delayed continuously for at least three times.

3. Plot.

The story is set after thirty years of its original one where Pete Maverick Mitchell (The role of Tom Cruise), has served all this time as the top aviator in Navy, the place where he is supposed to be. All this time, he has been pushing the envelope as a courageous pilot he is while also dodging the offer of a much bigger rank because it is going to ground him.

In this film, we will see him at the turn of an uncertain future while also confronting the ghosts which exist in his past. We will witness him being drawn into a confrontation with his own fears.

4. Cast members

  • Actor Tom Cruise will reprise the role of Pete Maverick Mitchell.
  • Miles Teller is going to enact the character of Lieutenant Bradley Rooster Bradshaw.
  • Jennifer Connelly is going to do the part of Penny Benjamin.
  • Jon Hamm is going to reprise the role of vice admiral
  • Glem Powell is going to enact the character of Hangman
  • Lewis Pullman is going to do the part of Bob
  • Ed Harris is going to reprise the role of a rear admiral
  • Val Kilmer is going to enact the character of Admiral Tom Iceman Kazansky

5. Trailer

Here is the link to the trailer which has been let out by Paramount Pictures. Don’t forget to check it out!