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Tiger King’s Jeff Lowe Gets His Own Show!

Tiger King’s Jeff Lowe Gets His Show! 

If you missed it, the Netflix narrative Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem, and Madness follows the life of flighty side of the road zoo proprietor Joe Shreibvogel, known as “Joe Exotic”, and the occasions that would, in the long run, lead to him employing a contract killer to take out his opponent, basic entitlements lobbyist, Carole Baskin.

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About The Show

Jeff, who was Joe’s previous companion and colleague, took responsibility for Exotic’s G.W. Fascinating Animal Memorial zoo after she went to jail. On Monday, an appointed authority allowed Carole Baskin responsibility for the zoo, however.

Jeff disclosed to People that he and his significant other, Lauren Lowe, are finished the paperwork for a show that will uncover much more data about the connection among him and Joseph Maldonado-Passage, who is now serving 22 years in jail. He further told the distribution that it would show their side of the story and tail them as they open another zoo the Tiger King Park in Oklahoma not long from now.

It will be about the exchange of all these beautiful creatures from Joe’s office to the new office. And afterward, the everyday battle of running something as significant as a 60-section of land creature park and all the complexities of the work of animal handlers and battling the entirety of the basic entitlements gatherings. Jeff didn’t state when the undertaking will be discharged, and on which organize it will air. He shared that they have begun shooting B-roll.

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