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Chemical Hearts: Where To Watch And What To Expect?

Are you ready to cry over a potentially troublesome teenage love story? If so, Chemical Hurts, a new movie that premiered today on Amazon Prime Video, streaming free for subscribers, maybe the perfect movie for you this weekend. And, like most incredibly tragic adolescent love stories, it’s based on a youth book.

Before we see Lily Reinhart and Austin Abrams fall in love this weekend, here’s a little background information from our book Chemical Hearts.

Book Based On Chemical Heart

Yes. Chemistry Hearts is based on Crystal Clutter Sutherland’s novel Our Chemical Hearts, which was released in 2016 by G.P. Putnam’s Sons Books for young readers. If you are interested, you can buy a copy from IndieBound, Barnes and Noble, iTunes or wherever you want to buy books.

What is our chemical heart about the book? Our summary of the chemical heart diagram:

Henry is a desperate romantic who never really loves. Instead, he focuses on his grades and edits his school newspaper. But everything changes when a new girl, Grace Towne (Lily Reinhart) enters her first period during her senior year of high school.

He walks with sugar cane, dresses too big and is not socially cool. I didn’t waste the surprise, but in essence, I braced myself for one of those super tragic novels with traumatized teens falling in love. Because yes, Grace’s injury was caused by an accident and she is now dealing with emotional and physical effects. Henry somehow falls in love with her and wants to help her rebuild her life.

Chemical Hearts Review: Lili Reinhart in YA Drama for Sensitive Teens | IndieWire

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Is there a sequel to our chemical heart?

Sadly not. So far Sutherland has published only one book on Henry and Grace. He has not announced any plans for the sequel. However, Sutherland has a new book getting out next year called House of Hollows. The official description on Sutherland’s website describes it as a dark, postmodern tale in which the three sisters discover that they are not at all what they seem and that bad things collide in the night.”

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