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The Suicide Squad: When Will It Release? Every Known Update

Here is what we know about the forthcoming film called The Suicide Squad by Warner Bros!

Well, well, well, The Suicide Squad is really going to happen and even though all the critics were not so much into the first film made by David Ayer, there is so much hope for the sequel to get a real release date.

It is known that there are going to be pretty new cast members all in all while James Gunn whom you all can remember from the crew member of Guardians of The Galaxy is going to replace David Ayer as the director of this film project. The official name of the film id The Suicide Squad only and it is considered as one of the most anticipated films which are set for a release date in 2024.

Here is what the release date of The Suicide Squad has been set too!

Even though the first installment of the film called Suicide Squad received a hell load of bashing from all the critics around the world, it should be kept in mind that the film garnered an income of about 750 million US dollars which is quite impressive for this movie. And as of right now, if James Gunn gets the whole project into a masterpiece, then the sequel of this tale could prove to be an even bigger hit next year as well.

Suicide Squad 2 release date | cast, trailer, news for James Gunn ...


Back on the 30th of January 2019, the production studio of The Suicide Squad finally made it official that this sequel film is going to release later on the 6th of August 2024 which is exactly a year from this month.

Has the process of shooting finished on The Suicide Squad yet or not?

The process of filming started back in September of 2019 itself but then came to a temporary halt in February of 2024 when James Gunn had to fly back home to be near his beloved pooch called Wesley before he took its last breath. Th3 end of the filming process was marked by Gunn by a heartfelt message saying that it was a hard time in his life but one of the most fulfilling ones.

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