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The Most Important MCU Phase 4 Film Might Introduce An Amazing Avenger

According to recent news, MCU will recommence in May, while Black Widow launches, a movie that could set up a marvelous plotline.

However, Black Widow might not even give the most fabulous Avengers plot twist in Phase 4, as there is another film that could do that.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness seems to be the most famous movie for the following phase.

Marvel already authenticated its links with the WandaVision and Loki TV series and told the movie will introduce a hero we never anticipated.

Deadpool And Wolverine Thought to make cameos

Rumors have insisted Multiverse would bring us our first taste of mutants, with Deadpool and Wolverine thought to make cameos.

Namor and Miss America will show up in the movie, and the film could give a massive, surprising twist, according to the rumor.

That story detail might be why Scott Derrickson, who directed the first Strange film, and Marvel determined to part ways.

Although two different people took to 4chan in the past few days to describe what went wrong between Derrickson and Marvel.

The first, more specific thread reveals that both work standards matters and creative differences persuaded the director to ditch the project. He will still produce the movie.

Derrickson desired to kill off Rachel McAdams’s Christine Palmer and Benedict Wong’s Wong characters early in the film and finish the cloak of levitation too. Kevin Feige and co. were not having it.

What Derrickson Want?

Nonetheless, the Scarlet Witch is clearly what bothered Derrickson most. Feige desires the formidable Avenger to become the antagonist of Strange 2, something we had learned of before, whereas Derrickson wanted Nightmare to be the scoundrel.

According to the source, Bousman might direct the Strange continuation is also something we can’t confirm at this time.

Another 4chan leaker told in a much shorter post that it was Namor’s formation in the story that became the tipping point that made Derrickson drop out of the movie.

According to the rumors, Namor might seem in Strange 2, just as we have heard that he could be the scoundrel of Black Panther 2, a film that already has a 2024 release date.

According to a recent report, Marvel got back the full rights for Hulk and Namor, implying the latter would not take a standalone film but could be used in many projects. These are just rumors and thoughts, but they are interesting anyway.

Strange two should commence filming soon, as it is set to release on May 7th, 2024. Marvel does have to get a director first.

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