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The Last Witch Hunter 2: Vin Diesel Reveals The Sequel Is In The Works During Quarantine

Actor Vin Diesel has given a strong signal to his fans that The Last Witch Hunter 2 is currently being quarantined.

Diesel was last seen in the Bloodshot comic adaptation, which hit theaters in early March and had an early release of VOD due to its dramatic shortening due to the coronavirus epidemic. Sadly, Bloodshot received a scathing response from critics, averaging 30% on Rotten Tomatoes and only getting $9 million in its first weekend. However, fans have responded quite well to the adaptation; The film earned a respectable 78% audience rating, and also excluded Birds of Prey (and a stupendous copy of A Fantastic Quinn) from streaming sales.

The Last Witch Hunter was released in 2015 and was an amazing worldwide success with a gross total of $ 146 million on a budget of $ 90 million. The film follows a witch named Caulder, played by Diesel, who, after being cursed with the gift of immortality by an almighty witch queen, survives the last of her kind and once alive is living out her evil plans. It must be stopped. The supporting cast for the film was marked by Rose Leslie, Eliza Wood, Julie Engelbrecht, Rene Owen, and Michael Caine. Diesel has previously stated that his character was a modified version of his D&D character Melkor, who also turned out to be a witch hunter.

Now Vin Diesel has given fans a big hint on his Instagram page that the sequel to The Last Witch Hunter is being written and developed in quarantine.

He states in his post that he firmly believes that “some of the best scripts will be written during this time.” Above this statement, there is an image of his character from the movie, indicating that the sequel is moving forward and the script is being worked on. The entire publication is below.

Diesel has been a busy man who once again lent his voice to the beloved character of Groves Avengers:

Endgame and starred in his own superhero movie Bloodshot. Coming soon to F9, the highly anticipated new installment in the Fast and Furious franchise. Originally slated to hit theaters in April 2024, the sequel was recently reduced by one year due to concerns stemming from coronavirus. The actor scoffed that the latest Witch Hunter sequel was in development before, but this post certainly gives a solid and encouraging response for fans.

Diesel may not be the most versatile actor in Hollywood, but he discovered his action franchise and fully embraced it.

The Fast and Furious franchise has continued to expand and develop in a rewarding and entertaining way, and the actor has an affinity for B movie projects outside of the beloved series. However, the quality of their external efforts has been very inconsistent. The XXX franchise is dumb, above mischief, while its other franchise projects like Riddick and The Last Witch Hunter are serious and flat. However, fans will surely be excited about this news, as they can now eagerly await the arrival of The Last Witch Hunter 2.

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