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The Hunger Games Remake Might Come With Jennifer Lawrence In Lead Role

The hunger games was a big hit, and it was one of the best, critically acclaimed movies of all time. There has been a lot of hue and cry about the prequel of the film. Now the buck has stopped, and finally, we can confirm that the prequel movie is on the cards.

The prequel movie will be set in an exciting time frame where things wouldn’t appear as they did in the contemporary film. Things are going to change, and fans may seem to digest a few facts which we will be sharing in the upcoming part of the article.

The prequel novel will be set in a different time frame where things wouldn’t be as harsh as they are now. Coriolanus, the ruthless president, won’t be a totalitarian ruler. The story will focus on the set of events that made him the way we saw in the original movie.

The Hunger Games' prequel will arrive May 2024 - CNN

This seems interesting on several fronts, and fans will love the prequel. It will focus on the life-events of the tyrant and how the situation molded him into a dictator and squeezed every bit of humanity from within.

What about the lead character in the prequel movie?

As of now, we don’t have the details on the cast. Nothing has shared until now, and we are expecting things to kickstart once the world comes to order. The COVID-19 pandemic has engulfed the whole world, and this is something that has brought the entire world on its knees. Anyway, coming to the lead character, we don’t have good news, and fans may not be able to see Jennifer Lawrence in the leading role.

Well, we have substantial reasons to prove our theory, and it hasn’t come out of blue. The prequel movie is set in backdate, and we don’t think Jennifer Lawrence can be brought in as it will seem quite unusual. The novel is set way before the time when Katniss Everdeen wasn’t even introduced. The movie is an adaptation of the books authored by Suzanne Collins with the title The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes.

Other Updates

Francis Lawrence will direct the upcoming movie, and this has raised the bar for the film. The screenwriter will be Michale Arndt. Nina Jacobson will be the producer as she has been associated with the original series too.

Other familiar faces are also expected to be there as the movie will be set in backdate. There are old characters scheduled to return in the prequel. Apart from Coriolanus Snow, other characters are also expected to be present in the prequel.

One of the familiar faces we are expecting to see is going to be Mags Flanagan. It will be interesting to see Coriolanus snow as 18 years old and see how life turned around things to make him a tyrant. The movie grossed $3billion worldwide, so we are expecting a similar something happening with the prequel too.

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