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The Goonies 2 Script Is In Works For 10 Years

A lot of good cinema was made in the 80s. After encountering the harsh and dirty reality of the previous decade, the cynicism of a disillusioned society was united, somehow, with the desire to escape from that in a very interesting mixture of brave but fantastic cinema.

That the overexploitation of nostalgia does not prevent us from recognizing the successes of that time, but that the mainstream idols do not cover the variety of endless time.

Having said that, here we are, returning again to one of those films that knew how to penetrate deep into a few generations that, thirty years later, need to return to ‘ The Goonies ‘ (Richard Donner, 1985) as if from the most reliable memory it was about happiness.

The Goonies 2: Goldbergs Creator Has Been Writing a Sequel Script ...
Source: IGN Africa

Scripting Details:

This is what happens to Adam F. Goldberg, producer and screenwriter responsible for ‘ Fanboys ‘ (Kyle Newman, 2009), ‘ Little Invaders ‘ (John Schultz, 2009) and the ABC series ‘ The Goldbergs ‘.” I am a rival to Josh Gad has the biggest fan of The Goonies,” he says on his twitter before discovering his great secret. And I was writing a part 2 secretly in the last 9 year it is my masterpiece.

Casting For Upcoming Project:

As if this were not enough, the conceptual design has also been shared that, probably, he intended to include in his meeting with Donner. Drawn by Michael Barnard, the original artist of the ‘ Garbage Pail Kids ‘ ( The Garbage Pail Kids ), we can see several characters approaching a building shaped like a skull which reads in Spanish: ” One mistake and shall fear the wrath Burning the tears of the devil ”.

” I will be attentive to all the messages, so instead of telling me that it sucks and that I am ruining your childhood, tell me what you want to see in a sequel, ” he explains later.

” Spielberg and Donner have said that it is impossible to find a great idea for The Goonies 2, ” accepts Goldberg.

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