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The Curse Of Oak Island Season 7: Review And Ending Explained

The treasure hunt web series The Curse Of Oak Island had launched its seventh season which ended on April 28, 2024, with its season finale. The series revolved around a group of people who are basically treasure hunters trying to find out the Oak Island treasure.

They undergo a sequence of myths, turmoils and events to reach out the alleged treasure. The fans eagerly awaited for the finale episode named Timeline to witness what the finale holds in store for them.

The episode showed that the Lagina brothers have got quite a lot of evidence which they are trying to figure out to join the 200-year-old puzzle which would make out way to ultimately reach the treasure.

The brothers did not find much in this season but they get sure that a hell lot of wealth is hidden in the island. Many fans claimed that this might be a very pale ending to the series and that it might not return with season 8.

While the other fans raised certain questions as to certain elements shown in the show which had no explanation found in the finale episode. This gives a hope that all of those pointers might be answered in a new season.

This clearly showed that the curious fans were very disappointed with the ending as they were waiting since long to unravel the mystery of the cursed oak island which could not be witnessed in the seventh season also.

The treasure hunters were also seen saying that they would not be leaving the island unless they find a breakthrough. Hence, it seems that there might be a renewal of the series, the confirmation of which had not come up officially by the History Channel.

It would be really a good news for the viewers as hopefully all their queries would be solved.

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