Ashton Irwin’s ‘Superbloom’, Here’s What You Should Know

Ashton Irwin of 5 Second Summer Fame is set to leave the Australian pop-rock band and release his debut solo album. Irwin’s first solo album is SuperBloom and his first track entitled ‘Skinny Skinny’ has already been removed by the artist. Ashton will embark on a solo project on behalf of the Australian band.

Ashton Irwin’s ‘Skinny Skinny’ Music Video

The singer-songwriter’s first solo project will be on October 23 via EMI. The musician also released a press release to NME revealing that the album’s first track was based on a body image conversation he had with his brother. Irwin has a younger brother, who according to the singer is already trapped in the mental image of what a person’s physical appearance should be like.

The singer aspired to write a song that captures the pain of a body dysmorphia since he himself has gone through stages in which he did not like his body. Irwin has also shared the first glimpse of his album on Instagram with a heartfelt caption. See it below.

Irwin was given his thumbs from his bandmates.”I modified into now not afraid because of the truth I said to myself, ‘be given as actual with me, you’re pleased with this record and you know that these people are your best friends and they will get it,’” he explains. . Playing the album for the boys was “awesome, I felt stoked to expose them”.

The pop-rock outfit in Sydney broke records as all of their debut albums went together at No. 1 on the Billboard 200. Their latest single, CALM, opened at No. 1.2 at the countrywide album chart in April this year.

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1. Scar
2. Have U Found What Ur Looking For
3. Skinny Skinny
4. Greyhound
5. Matter Of Time
6. Sunshine
7. The Sweetness
8. I’m To Blame
9. Drive
10. Perfect Lie

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