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Tenet: Star Kenneth Branagh Talked About His Character Of Christopher Nolan’s Upcoming Movie

Christopher Nolan is coming up with a new film. The film has been titled as Tenet. The film is nearing its release date. Kenneth Branagh, who stars in the film, recently opened up his character.

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Kenneth Branagh Talked About Tenet

The theme of Christopher Nolan’s upcoming film is so mysterious that the actor starring in the is also not sure whether he portrayed the role of villain in the film or some other role. In an interview recently the actor Kenneth Branagh spoke about the upcoming film Tenet. The actor equated the script of Tenet to solving the Times crossword puzzle every day. He said that he read the script many times. He has not read scripts of his other films as many times as he read of Tenet.

Kenneth portrays the role of a Russian who communes with the future in the film. Talking about his character the actor said that he spoke to Nolan about his character continuously as the evolution of his character was not set. His character’s evolution has been full of surprises.



The upcoming film is a follow-up film to Nolan’s 2017 release Dunkirk. The director of the film has described the film as an event film. Tenet is a spy film. John David Washington plays the role of a spy in the film. He is a secret agent who has been assigned with the task to stop World War III. Kenneth’s character is the enemy who wants to wage a war.

The film has a new concept of time inversion in it.

When Is Tenet Scheduled To Release? 

The film is scheduled to hit the theaters on July 17, 2024. The film will release in 35mm, 70mm and IMAX format. The release date of the film was changed due to the spread of coronavirus. Tenet will one of the first films to hit the theaters after they open after observing lockdown from March.

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Tenet: The Cast 

John David Washington is the hero of the film. He is a spy who has been handed over the task to stop World War III from happening. Kenneth Branagh portrays the role of the Russian enemy. Joining the actors are Robert Pattinson, Dimple Kapadia, Elizabeth Debicki, Michael Cane, Himesh Patel, and Sean Avery.