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Tenet: Christopher Nolan’s Movie Again Postponed, Shifted To August 2024

“Tenet” as Warner Bros. continues the long road to theatrical release.

Detective Christopher Nolan’s epic is delayed until August 12. Release changes between coronavirus epidemics have marked a second delay for the Nolan epicenter.

The study pushed “Tenet” until July 31 earlier this month to give theatres an additional two weeks to run smoothly and get operations under the new security protocol.

The release date of the second “theory” changed!

An increase in coronavirus cases has reopened all theatres in Los Angeles and New York, but this is unlikely. These cities are the two largest film markets in the country, making it impossible for Warner Bros. to make serious money without the “beginning” of being theatres in New York City and Los Angeles. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo confirmed that movie theatres will also not open as part of the state’s four reopening plans.

He said that what we need right now is flexible, and we are not considering it a traditional movie release. We are looking to develop a very different but successful release strategy, an extended game period beyond the norm. I plan to play for a long time. ”

The date began to appear on the movie studio’s trailers and posters after Warner Bros moved the “Tenet” to July 31.

The marketing campaign was also aired on the television spot on July 31. The second film delivery meant another marketing overhaul for the film, with John David Washington and Robert Pattinson acting as detective agents trying to stop World War III with the use of time investment.

In a prerecorded video address for CineOrp members this month, Nolan called “Tenet” a movie in all of his filmography that was “the one most designed for the audience experience, the big screen experience.” The director said that Washington “gives the most extraordinary and prestigious performance” as the protagonist.

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