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TENET: August 28, 2024, Release Date Confirmed!

The upcoming spy movie TENET is about an operative of an organization aiming to help the world prevent World War 3. The film has been created, written, and produced by Christopher Nolan. The release date of TENET has been officially confirmed after getting delayed for so long. Here is everything you need to know about its release.

TENET Finally Releases on Aug 2024:

After getting delayed multiple times, Christopher Nolan’s new science fiction and thriller movie Tenet was finally given a release date. We hope the schedule remains stuck this time. It has been recently reported that the film has been rescheduled, and it is officially going to be released on August 28, 2024.

As formally announced, TENET will be releasing in theatres in around 70 territories in which countries like France, Canada, Australia, Germany, Japan, Korea, Italy, United Kingdom, Korea, and Russia are also included. However, it is still unsure about what parts of America will be playing the film.

Tenet' IS Coming Out in August, Just Not in the US | The Mary Sue
Source: The Mary

The studio will not be releasing TENET in China and have no plans regarding this. Warner Bros still awaits for looking ahead the releasing ideas of TENET in China as the country is the second biggest market for the movie.

Other Major Updates

The movie release date has been confirmed, but still, we are unsure whether it will remain the same or may change. But hopefully, if the movie releases, TENET will become the first significant tentpole to be released in theatres during the corona pandemic crisis. Let’s hope the plans stick to the schedule this time. Following is the program for TENET to be released globally.

On August 26, Wednesday, TENET will be released in Bulgaria, Belgium, Denmark, Croatia, Finland, Estonia, Egypt, France, Holland, Iceland, Indonesia, Hungary, Latvia, Korea, Italy, Lithuania, Serbia, Portugal, Sweden, Slovakia, Turkey, Switzerland, U.K, and Ukraine.

Then on August 27, Thursday TENET will be released in countries including Austria, Australia, Canada, Bahrain, Germany, Czech Republic, Greece, Israel, Lebanon, HongKong, New Zealand, Middle East, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Poland, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan Taiwan, and U. A. E. On August 28, Friday, the movie will be released in countries including Norway, Ghana, Nigeria, East Africa, Spain, Vietnam, Slovenia, Romania, and Spain.

On September 3, the countries include Qatar, Kuwait, and the United States. On September 10, Thursday, the movie releases in Russia, Kazakhstan, CIS others, and Azerbaijan. On September 17, Thursday, TENET will release in Cyprus. And on September 18, Friday, Japan.

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