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Tara Reid Will Reportedly Play Carole Baskin In Tiger King Movie

Tara Reid is eyed for the role of Carole Baskin in the new Tiger King project!

Well, well, well, the actress of American Pie, Tara Reid, is said to be in talks of taking up the role of Carole Baskin. Carole is the arch-enemy of Joe Exotic in a new dramatization of this tale of the pair.

There are so many spin-offs dedicated to the Tiger King. The role of Tara is going to be different from the numerous different versions of the story are available in the world right now.

This includes the film, which stars Kate McKinnon doing the part of Baskin while Nicholas Cage is also included.

Tara’s manager confirmed the saying Tara loves the story of Joe Exotic!

Philippe Ashfield is the manager of Tara, and he confirmed the news to the New York Post and said that the actress is in talks with the producers, and she is being considered for the role.

He added that this is all he can say at the moment because all the casting processes are kept at hold.

Philippe says that Tara would be perfect for this role because of her similar features!

Tara’s manager added that she loves Tiger King a lot and finds this documentary series attractive. They said that Tara feels she could get into the character of Carole Baskin very well, and she even has a similar look to Baskin.

All the Tiger King fans can see her in the role of Carole and donning her flower crown. However, the project that this actress is going to get remains in the shadows.

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