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Suicide Squad 2: Has The Official Detailed About The Potential Sequel?

Do You also love the character, Harley Quinn? She has been our favorite after appearing in the movie Suicide Squad? The movie was loved by many, and we all love the work of Harley Quinn. James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad 2 is again arriving on our screens, fans have been waiting for this film for a very long time, and since it is going on before long is making all of us excited. Here’s we have some details about the upcoming movie The Suicide Squad 2.

When Will The Sequel Hit Our Screen

If you are a fan and is eagerly waiting for this movie, then you should know that  The Suicide Squad 2 is set for August 6, 2024 arrival and we are completely amped up for it, the pandemic has influenced the production of the film alot yet we trust they can complete many things soon and don’t confront a defer like the various shows and other projects.

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Who All Will Appear In The Sequel

Here is a list of cast individuals we will find in The Suicide Squad 2.

• Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn

• Jai Courtenay as Captain Boomerang separately

• Viola Davis as government manager Amanda Waller

• Joel Kinnaman as Rick Flag

• Idris Elba as Deadshot

• Daniela Melchior

• Nathan Fillion as TDK

• John Cena as Christopher Smith

• Joel Kinnaman as Rick Flag

• Peter Capaldi as Clifford DeVoe

• Viola Davis as Amanda Waller

• Alice Braga as Sol Soria

What We Can Expect From The Suicide Squad 2

The Suicide Squad spins around a group of super devils and villains selected by the state government to complete its mystery mission that includes killing people. The particular storyline for the next part is as yet obscure. James Gunn has stayed quiet about things from the crowd. Its all that we know so far about the film. We will keep our readers updated with all the latest updates about the flick.

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