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Stan Lee’s Kindergarten: John Landis Will Direct The Superhero Film Starring Arnold Schwarzenegger

Stan Lee’s one of the final projects have acquired Hollywood’s top talent.

John Landis signed on to produce and direct the animated superhero action series Stan Lee’s Superhero Kindergarten, he had also directed Coming to America and An American Werewolf in London.

Landis said in a statement that he is honored to work with Andy and Arnold for the first time to liven up Stan’s vision with a series filled with heartfelt action and comedy.

The project featured Arnold Schwarzenegger as a teacher for many young superpowers; Schwarzenegger has also been associated as a producer on the series, which was developed by Deadpool co-producer Fabian Nicieza. “He also said in a statement that he feels honored to help realize Stan’s vision of creating a cartoon series for children that will not only entertain with superhero adventures but also the importance of health, exercise, nutrition, fighting bullying and diversity, “said Schwarzenegger. He also said that Andy Hayward is one of the most respected producers of children’s programming in the industry and we will be able to realize our shared vision of ‘content for our purpose’ by working together, with parents comfortably, they can enjoy with their children.

Stan Lee’s Superhero Kindergarten to Debut on Newly Released Cartoons Channel ”Genius Brands”!

In the first quarter of 2024.  It will also air on the video streaming platform for Alibaba Kids, Youku in China, and Amazon Prime. At the same time, Genius Brands is marketing a global large-scale consumer product retail program with toys, publications, and clothing.

Genius Brands President and CEO Andy Hayward said in a statement that When someone owns the property of this magnitude, they will move forward rapidly in developing the live-action feature.” Today’s announcement from Genius Brands and Cartoon Channel reflect the core elements of their strategy!

Hire the best emerging and proven talent in the industry to ensure that they consistently deliver unsurpassed content. He also said that he believes this is the approach. Combined with his excellent distribution agreements and license agreements, Genius is a path for brands to generate strong revenue and create long-term stock prices. “

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