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SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run Can Release Online By Skiping Theatrical Release

Due to the sudden Coronavirus outbreak, some big studios had to take an emergency decision regarding some of their projects which were left hanging for a proper release. While some are withheld, the studio had to give some projects an alternative release option. Some animated movies are the line for a potential VOD release.

Is The Upcoming Spongebob Movie Going For A Digital Release?

Similarly, fans are speculating that the upcoming Spongebob movie: Sponge On The Run can also skip a proper theatrical release and go straight to VOD. Many other animated films including the newly released Scoob and Trolls World Tour have opted for a similar option.

Many Studios Are Opting For A Digital Release Rather Than A Theatrical One.

According to senior analyst Jeff Bock, it is just wise to make Spongebob go for a digital release as we don’t know what the world would look like in the coming months. A theatrical release would also mean more advertising which in turn means more money that will be at risk. While Trolls 2 was a huge success amongst fans, Scoob received somewhat of a mixed reaction with a mostly positive response from the younger demographic.

Trolls World Tour was a massive success and was one of the most hit digital releases with surpassing the original film’s box office numbers. The response was surely surprising but encouraged the studio to go for more digital releases during this point of crisis. So a theatre release at this point might a bit of a loss as not a large number of public is going to visit the theatres.

Let Us Have A Look At All The Exclusive Details Of Spongebob Movie.

While the studio behind the upcoming Spongebob movie has not made any announcement yet, at this point the movie is slated to release on 7th August. Going for a digital release can be a huge profit as the characters are quite popular particularly among children and the younger audience. So now we have to wait until the studio goes for a proper announcement regarding the release issue. We are waiting for some more antics from Spongebob.

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