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Splinter Cell TV Series: Is The Project Seriously Considered?

Tom Clancy’s wonderful ideas implementation made many colossal wonders in games and now his work and ideas are changing the shapes. Recently, Jack Ryan is the perfect example of a well-established series and it indicates the fact that many more to come.

A Splinter Cell series is reportedly under consideration for a TV series project. It’s been a long time since the franchise released its next installment in games but a TV show is seriously considered.

Current Status of Production

Currently, the project is already considered for its production phases and it eventually stopped due to Covid-19. So there is no progress recorded for the upcoming series and the production likely resumes after the heavy restrictions uplifted by the state.

It is expected that production tends to resume next year and then the further specualtions could be made on the basis of its status.

New Splinter Cell Animated TV Series Coming to Netflix | Fortress of  Solitude

Source: Fortress Of Solitude

Expected Release Date

There was no projected release date recorded in the case of Splinter Cell. So predicting a release date will be totally based upon assumptions and it could be backfired immediately after the actual release date confirmed by the showrunners.

Considering all the aspects of production phases and delays, it could be easily concluded that the series won’t land next fall. So the expected release date will be early or mid-2024 or later.


Currently, there are no attachments including for the upcoming series. Despite its confirmation, there is no official announcement trailer released by the showrunners and respective platform.


The storyline could be a major part as fans like to see the origin of the protagonist Sam Fischer and they want to witness his much younger side. Recently, Rainbow Six Siege landed Sam as an operation and gamers are really enjoying the presence of Sam in the game.

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