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‘Alita: The Battle Angel’ Disney Is Considering A Sequel! And This Time Its Serious

Alita sequel is finally happening!

For a long time, it resembled the Alita manga adaptation: a battle of angels destined to remain firmly attached to growth. James Cameron has been associated with the job somehow since 1997, but the director isn’t exactly known for the speed with which he puts his films together, and with his constant focus on the Avatar franchise he already seems to have his hands full. full of computer science fiction for the immediate future.

Disney's Reportedly Seriously Considering An Alita: Battle Angel ...

However, after admitting that his ongoing adventures at Pandora would not give him time to do it alone, Cameron eventually turned his attention to Robert Rodriguez by continuing to act as producer and co-author. Alita: battle angel Eventually it will hit theaters last year, where it has proved to be a constant, if not spectacular, success with fans and critics.

Alita found a second life as a favorite cult:

A $ 405 million box office with a $ 170 million budget seemed to have disappointed any hope of success, especially with Disney now controlling rights after the acquisition of Fox, but Alita quickly found a second life as a favorite cult. The film became the subject of a major online campaign to spark interest in a sequel and we have now heard that Mouse House can listen.

According to our sources, the same people who told us that a Percy Jackson TV show was in progress and that the live remakes of Robin Hood and Bambi were doing well: according to information, the studio is now considering giving green light to Alita. Senior officials noted both a strong home video sale and a growing fan base, leading to behind-the-scenes discussions about the return to the 26th century for another store.

Will it be a sequel or Disney Plus exclusive?

It is not yet clear whether it will be a sequel to a screen or a Disney Plus exclusive on a lower budget, but the news that they are even thinking of immersing themselves in the world of Alita: Angel Battle should be enough to arouse enthusiasm among the fans and mobilization of online troops who have vocally supported the film in the past eighteen months.

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