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7 Reasons Why Counter-strike: Global Offensive Is So Popular in 2024

There is no gamer in the world who hasn’t at least tried to play some of the versions of Counter-Strike. It was one of the most popular multiplayer games since the early 2000s, and since then, four main episodes, and a few spin-offs were released. The last one, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, is maybe the most popular episode that people still play, as we can see on the gaming forums and other online places. It’s an inspiration for many other games and online activities, and maybe one of the most interesting is HowlGG. But still, it doesn’t even mess with the CS: GO popularity now in 2024. Yes, the game was released in 2012, which makes almost a decade, but still has loyal players all around the world.

There are still updates, and versions for almost all consoles, and of course, for PC. It’s also part of the eSports scene, and there are teams who professionally play it, and take part in tournaments and championships.

People love it for so many reasons. Some of them say it’s great for both casual and professional players, but still requires a high level of skills, even though it’s really easy to master it. At the same time, it’s exciting, well-designed, stable, and has a long history of trust among the players. Is there anything more to ask? Probably not, but there are so many other things that make CS: GO one of the most popular games for decades.

1. You can reconfigure the game if you get bored with it


This is not very common among popular shooting games, but this one allows you to completely reconfigure the concept just because you are tired of the previous one. There are so many features you can choose from, and still practice the best you can, so you can improve your skills. You can choose to compete, or you can completely skip it. By doing that, you can improve your performance, advance the range, and tailor the whole game according to your preferences. You can master any aspect of the CS: GO that comes to your mind, and you don’t need to wait to hit some particular level for that.

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2. The whole concept is very simple

Is there anything better than a game that is easy to understand and play? This is exactly it. That is why there are so many loyal players for years, who, although they already know it well, are still committed to the progress of the game. They have teams, weapons, characters, different levels, and too many options to progress. Not every game can boast of these qualities, which is why CS: GO managed to stay among the players for so long, just like the previous versions.

3. It never gets boring


The game can be pretty intense, but it will never get boring to you. You can choose among the six online and two offline modes to play, protect the hostages, get into fights, and create strategies with your mates. The adventure never ends, and that’s why you always have a new challenge in front of you. That will also help you improve your skills as time goes by.

4. You can change and sell skins

There are so many skins available in CS: GO, that you can change them all the time, without getting bored. You can win the skins during the missions, or you can discover them in gift boxes. You can also design your own skin, which you can use, and sell it later if you want. This option is very popular among professional players too. That means more side money for the recently paid features that come together with the game.

5. Plenty of free features


You can play it for free, and we can say this is the best one for those who love the game. That means more active players who will get used to it as time goes by. It wasn’t like that back in the past, and the long-year players don’t like the free2play mode, but still, it’s one of the ways for the company to maintain the popularity and keep the number of loyal players consistent, or even make it bigger as the time goes by.

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6. It’s part of the eSports tournaments

Popular game with a long tradition of different competition, takes a part in the global phenomenon named eSports – is there anything better than that? No one could have imagined that playing a video game would one day become a sport and that it would be so popular all over the world. But, here we are, watching a number of such matches in various games, we have favorite players, or we are players with our own team. The game is free, so it is easy to put together a successful team that will practice the skills learned before.

7. It has a large community


Can you imagine millions of people playing the same game every day? It’s possible with this one. That’s why this game is leading in the eSports gambling market, because people bet on it, especially those who already know some of the rules and ways it’s played. Surely, there are those who dislike it, and that’s normal, as long as there are loyal gamers who prefer CS: GO instead of any other game in the world.

No one can predict how things will develop in the future, but it looks like it will be really bright for CS: GO in the years to come. People adore it, there are millions of active players and even if you lose half of them overnight, there will still be enough to keep the game alive.

CS: GO is easy, intuitive, fun, exciting, everything a game of that type should have. In the team, every player is important and his share is important for progress. Rarely, a popular game allows this nowadays. That’s why the gamers still choose CS: GO and they stay loyal to it for almost a decade now.

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Kane Dane

Written by Kane Dane