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Space Jam 2: Will The Sequel Have A Cameo Of Michael Jordon?

Michael Jordan is perhaps one of the most talented people on our planet. He is a former NBA superstar, and now he is also known worldwide as a Hollywood actor. There are reports that Michael Jordon can return in the second part of the movie, Space Jam 2. The first part of the film was highly appraised and applauded by his fans. The video was such a success that the fans now want to see more of his actor side.

What Would Be His Role In The Movie?

The fans do want their favorite basketball player turned actor to feature in the second part of the movie. Even if we consider that Michael Jordon would play a role in the film, what would be it?

Michael Jordon is a human after all, and all humans become older, both with numbers and body. Hence it would not be possible to see our favorite celebrity to enact the role of a basket ballplayer. If the rumors are to be considered, he would play the role of a mentor rather than a player himself. That would definitely be a delight for the fans to see their favorite star in a completely different role.

Space Jam 2

What Was The Plot Of The First Movie?

The first movie was an all-time hit of the 1990s, which also starred the Looney Tunes characters. It showcased Michael’s retirement from basketball and his desire to pursue baseball but eventually returned to support and act as a mentor for the Looney Tunes.

These are only speculations going on right now about whether, after almost two decades, Michael might have changed his mind and return just for a cameo this time. But it all depends on whether the script requires him or not.

Release Date of Space Jam 2

Luckily, we have a release date of the movie that was officially announced by the makers. The makers are now all set to release the film on July 16, 2024. Talking about the production details, nothing much can be said because of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

Can We Expect Jordon In The Movie?

Although all his fans all around the world want him to be in the movie, in a recent interview, the star himself expressed his unwillingness to be a part of the movie. Hence, we should not expect the actor to be in the film.

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