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Snow Queen: Disney Is Developing A Live Action Film

In February, the news broke that Disney is an early production stage for a live-action movie Rapunzel movie, which will not be a remake of Tangled this time we have a piece of new information about another classic movie which Disney has chosen to put in their live-action category.

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We recently found out that Disney is in the pre-production stage with Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy-tale The Snow Queen, which will be made into a live-action movie.

Disney has been very decorative about their upcoming project, which means they have kept all the information under wraps, but we somehow managed to find out that Kristin Burr will be on board to produce the film.

This will not be the first time we will see a movie made on Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy-tale, earlier Disney made a million bucks movie by the name ‘Frozen’ which adapted Hans story, however, if fans are confused that Snow Queen will be a remake of Frozen then they are wrong.

Even Frozen was named Snow Queen in the early production days, but later, a new title was chosen, Snow Queen will be a new movie altogether.

Not only this, but Snow Queen has also been used a series by ABC called ‘Once Upon A Time,’ played Elizabeth Mitchell, Ingrid the Snow Queen, who is the maternal aunt of Elsa and Anna.

That is all for the day we will keep fans updated on the latest news as soon as we get more information on Snow Queen until then continue reading!

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