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Silver And Black: Details Leak For The Spider-Man Spinoff Movie

Details leaked for the Spider-Man spin-off movie

The film is said to revolve primarily around Silver Sable, a U.S. Department of Justice bounty hunter, who was trying to locate Felicia Hardy to lure her to her payers.

In his past, the Black Cat volunteered to Dr. Mendel Strom (using his comic aka Gunt) underwent experimental surgery at the hands of A.I. Techniques installed in his body to give the master thief powers that will enhance his skill set.

It’s unclear if this means she has a Domino-style bad luck ability, but it seems like it was only Felicia’s strength and speed that increased in the end.

The Black Cat survived after acquiring new skills:

Meanwhile, Sible Sable is shown his own motivations for capturing Felicia; Gaunt was responsible for the deal with his father. Ernst Sabalinova, not to mention the torture and death of several of his fellow Psykerians (an antihero fantasy country).

Sable’s plan was to use Hardy to bring him back to the gauntlet in order to avenge him on the villain.

If you followed the Silver Sable comic book adventures, then you would know everything about The Wild Pack.

This group of meritorious people has an ancient story in the comics and was reunited by Silver Sable’s father. At Silver and Black, Dominic Fortune received a leadership role and worked with Ernst and Sable before joining the US Department of Justice.

Upon meeting Sable under the direction of Agent Mark Sim, we apparently found a version of the team here as well. Though the use of that character is particularly interesting as his comic book counterpart known as Hachi, Un NuHuman who first appeared on the pages of New Warriors in 2014. It is unclear how many other members of this group were slated to appear.

Since when Silver and Black were made, the movie had no plans to kiss Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, this report indicates that Sable and Fortune were established for the team to track down the Black Cat, with Gaunt’s ultimate goal having to be taken.

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