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Ryan Reynolds Could Join Live-Action Dragon’s Lair Movie

Ryan Reynolds Might Be The Star Of Dragon’s Lair

Ryan Reynolds isn’t a stranger to movies for video games movies (think Detective Pikachu), and the actor appears to be the star of the new adaptation by Dirk the Daring, based on Dragon’s Lair, the classic 80’s arcade.

As per the reports, Netflix has been “in negotiations” for almost a year to obtain the rights to make the film and has closed the deal now. Reynolds is also currently in negotiations with Netflix to launch and make live-action films. The scripts will be written by LEGO Movie authors Dan and Kevin Hageman.

Development Team Of Dragon’s Lair

Assuming that ‘talks’ are going well with Netflix, Reynolds will produce Dragon’s Lair, along with others including The LEGO Movie’s Roy Lee, Trevor Engelson, Gary Goldman, and Jon Pomeroy through its production company, Maximum Effort. And perhaps most importantly, the designer of Dragon’s Lair, Don Bluth, will be joining the development team as well.

Dragon’s Lair was prominent in the early 1980s arcade scene. The graphics released in 1983 were considerably better than most other games at the time and followed the story of a knight called Dirk the Brave as he tried to rescue Singe, the dragon, and the wizard named Mordroc.

It would be tempting to believe that Netflix simply wants to cash in on the popularity and success of its recent video game adaptations. But it has been negotiating the rights to this film for almost a year-long before last year’s massively successful show The Witcher came out.

Expected Release Date:

It’s fair to say we’ll have to wait a while for the Dragon’s Lair movie’s verdict. There has been no hint of the planned release date, but we may need to wait until at least 2024.

Dragon’s Lair Video Game

Dragon’s Lair was one of the games you’re playing as a kid and never forgot. It’s not a very good game since it is typically a series of Quick-Time Things when you try out and mistake each scene. Yet you appeared to be playing an actual cartoon. There was no other game that looked as amazing. It looks like you are playing Disney’s The Sword In The Stone game version.

In the game, you play Dirk the Daring, a courageous rider looking to rescue the distraught Princess Daphne. I can undoubtedly see Reynolds as Dirk is a very goofy character, although daring.

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