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Rob Liefeld Reflects On His Deadpool 3 Cancellation Statement

Sources claimed that one of the properties is Ryan Reynolds Deadpool franchise, which broke new ground as an R-rated fourth-wall breakthrough comic book. Deadpool 2 was another huge hit, so fans are wondering when it might hit all three theatres.

But Disney’s takeover of 20th Century Fox made things more complicated, as House of Mouse will now decide when / when Deadpool 3 is done. Rob Liefeld created the Deadpool character on the page and clarified some recent comments about Disney.

Rob shares his feeling on his Deadpool 3 Cancellation statement!!!

Rob Liefeld has always been open about Deadpool’s life on page and screen, often using social media to communicate directly with fans. He was recently cited blaming Disney for his lack of progress in Deadpool 3, as there is no indication of the future of the franchise and the possibility of appearing in the MCU. Now Liefeld elaborated his feelings about it saying:Deadpool 3 is CANCELLED or Not? Rob Liefeld Says Disney Has 'Zero ...


Do we know there is still no movement in Deadpool 3? He knows. Yes. And it worries him? Not at all. What he did was answer a question honestly. And what he learned this week is a lie. Just tell people that everything is lollipop, unicorn and rainbow and that you will be better in their life because people want them to lie. Just because a guy is leaving, yes, we are still moving that code with ‘there is nothing to do here’.

Rob comment about the future of the films!!!

It seems that Rob Liefeld’s comments about Deadpool’s future in theatres were noticed online. And while he remains steadfast with his feelings about Disney with no plans to bring the long-awaited sequel to life, he also explained that he is not concerned that the film will eventually be converted.

Interview: Rob Liefeld Talks 'Deadpool', Comics, Cable, and More


Rob Liefeld’s latest comments on Deadpool 3 come to us from io9, as he was caught up with a comic visionary after his latest statement about the Deadpool sequel went viral. Liefeld still believes that Disney and 20th Century Pictures are not making progress on the third sequence, and he doesn’t regret their comments. However, he believes that not being honest can make his life a little easier.

Deadpool franchise delays the release date due to health concerns!!

Considering the success of the first Deadpool movies, it seems like an easy decision for Disney and the third movie with recently revamped photos from the 20th century or moving forward with a planned X-Force spin-off. But there are no indications for these plans, just more complex things with the current state of the entertainment industry.

Global health concerns have led to the closure of filming sets, changing the release dates of a wide variety of projects. That way, when Ryan Reynolds and the company can resume work on the Deadpool franchise, no one can know.

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