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Rick & Morty Creator Commencing New Stop-Motion Animated Series, Here’s What You Should Know

Quibi gave the green light to Justin Roiland’s clay-based stop-motion animation series Gloop World by Rick and Morty. In this zany project, Creators Roiland, John Harvatine IV (Crossing Swords), and Eric Towner (Buddy Thunderstruck) are partnering with Stoopid Buddy Stoodios managing producers Seth Green, Harvatine, Matthew Senreich, Towner and Chris Waters.

What Would Happen In The New Rick & Morty Animated Series?

The unique series follows the lives of the Bob Roundy and Funzy anthropomorphic blobs. They reside in a fictional universe called the Gloop World as roommates. Spectators will join Bob Roundy and Funzy in the Gloop World while realizing that they’re certainly not so distinct from these strange blob creatures.

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When Will The New Rick & Morty Animated Series Release?

Stoopid Buddy Stoodios is a production studio that puts together some of Hollywood’s most creative animation and lives performers. Stoopid Buddy has produced TV hits such as the award-winning Emmy Robot Chicken and the award-winning Bryan Cranston Super Mansion by Emmy. Together with Gloop Land, the most recent production of Stoopid Buddy is Hulu’s Crossing Swords. Currently, in production, the show is scheduled for air in 2024.

How The Purchase Of Gloop World Will Benefit Quibi?

Quibi announced this week’s purchase of Gloop World. Many darkened projects such as Rick and Morty, The Most Extraordinary Space Investigation, and 2 Girls, 1 Cup: the series, were produced by Roiland. He has also recently launched many balls with Rick and Morty 4, Solar Opposites in pre-production, and now Gloop World newly lit greenlit. Roiland nevertheless said that Gloop World is his dream project and has been eager to build it for the last seven years.

Gloop World could be the next hit animated comedy. If Gloop World is something like Rick and Morty, audiences should look forward to a fascinating world that links the boundaries of the imagination together with a detailed and insightful analysis of relationships. For Stoopid Buddy Stoodios and Quibi, Gloop World has found the right way to go without being held back by a longer conventional network.

While Quibi has a very innovative basis, it is sufficient to stand out among the many other streaming platforms launched in 2024. NBC’s Peacock Streaming Service will also be launched in April 2024 and HBO Max in May 2024. Only time tells whether its mobile edge puts it ahead of the rest.

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