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Patriot Act Season 6: Here’s Everything You Should Know

Patriot Act With Hasan Minhaj premiered on Netflix on 28 October 2018. Minhaj and Prashanth Venkataramanujam created the show. The show intends to ‘explore the contemporary cultural and political scene with depth and justice.’ The show has so far produced 5 seasons.

The fifth season of the show tackled some excellent problems, including kickstarting the season with mental health but also took billionaires, retirement, fast fashion, and plenty of nods and articles to politics and the upcoming election of the US in 2024.

The streaming giant has continued uploading parts of the show to YouTube, which increase over the past year. Fans and viewers are waiting for the sixth season of the show. Here’s everything we know about season 6 of the show so far:

Patriot Act Season 6 Renewal

Hasan Minhaj took obesity and, more specifically, how America is really exporting the issues to most regions in the final episode of season 5.

At the end of the episode of season 5, however, Hasan Minhaj took a more widespread overview of the year that was and the difficulties the world faced in 2019. The host gave some guidance to close a couple of tabs stating we need to pass off some of our difficulties onto others and then double down on problems we are passionate about.

Before ending the last episode of season 5, Hasan Minhaj acknowledged his weekly show adding or doubling down on problems is not exactly helping but stated that we are not going to quit doing that. I will see you guys in 2024. We got a few more clips to open.’ This reveals that the show is coming in 2024 with season 6.

When Will Volume 6 Premiered On Netflix

According to sources, the sixth volume of the show is set to premiere on 11 March 2024. That suggests that the new episodes of the show will be coming to Netflix weekly starting from 29 March 2024.

The sixth season of the show will consist of 7 new episodes.

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