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Ray Donovan: Can We Expect A Season 8 Of Showtime Series?

It was announced on February 4 that Ray Donovan, the crime drama television show, has been canceled after the seven successful seasons. The first episode of Ray Donovan arrived in 2013, the first season of the show went furious and gathered a lot of positive reviews from the fans. The creators of the Ray Donovan never decided to end the show with the seventh season. As they never had any plans to conclude the show without any farewell season. The seventh season was never a farewell season for Ray Donovan.

After the seven incredible season Ray Donovan just concluded the run on the Showtime, the creators of the show announced in a statement that they are proud the show ended with such a huge viewership and said they are thankful to all the cast members of the show.

Ray Donovan' Is “Nearing The End Of Its Run” – Showtime's Gary ...

The end of Ray Donovan is very unexpected as the show was coming to its natural ending. It only needed one more season to wrap up the story of the show. But suddenly, without concluding the story, it ended without a final season, which is very heartbreaking for the promising fans of the show.

What have May Happened?

We were also baffled about it when we heard about the ending of Ray Donovan, as such a big show with seven successful and incredible seasons cannot end the show without a farewell. It’s not only about the farewell, but the most important is a proper ending of the story. The corporate elements of this franchise are very complicated, as there was a merger between the CBS and Viacom, which may have resulted in the issues of choices.

The creators were thankful to the fans of the show. The creators just concluded the presentation with a hope that the fans will not react much and will care about the decision by the franchise. But the fans are disappointed with this decision as they always liked the show and were expecting one more season as a concluding season for the story of Ray Donovan.

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