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Rain On Me: Lady Gaga And Ariana Grande’s New Music Video Released

Is it happening for real? Oh my god, two of our favorite singers coming together for a collab this is a win-win for all the fans, seeing two goddesses perform on one stage is just what the world needed during these tough months amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande don matching latex for 'Rain On Me' video
Source Page Six


Ariana Grande has been blessing our ears year after year with good music, and she did her first Broadway at the age of 15, which is incredible!

Ariana has also collaborated with a lot of musicians previously, some of her songs that we absolutely love are Dangerous women, Thank U, Next and the list goes on.

Ariana has had a rocky past when it comes to her personal life, she has dated some of the hottest guys in the town she was last seen with Pete who she was engaged to, but that ended shortly.

We have all grown listening to Lady Gaga. We can we just say it for once, and all how much we loved “A Star Is Born,” when it comes to singing she is a natural, her new album Chromatica is all about her failed past relationships, and we are excited to hear all the songs.


Lady Gaga released the second song from her upcoming album called Chromatica, and it is a collaborating with Ariana, the is named “Rain On Me.”

We can see Gaga in her signature vocals and well that just brings back all the memories there aren’t many musicians that can work with Gaga, but Ariana has made her way through it.

The video features Gaga and Grande clad in a sci-fi-inspired plastic-and-leather-wear, dancing amidst a rainstorm in a troubled, futuristic city the two look fierce.

Gaga has really followed the aesthetic of the video; here is the video for all the fans who haven’t seen it already!