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Rachel Bilson And Bill Hader? Is Something Fishy And Wrong?

Something Fishy and Wrong between Rachel Bilson And Bill Hader!!!!

Rachel Bilson and Bill Hader were seen drinking coffee over the weekend, causing Twitter’s peanut gallery to go crazy. On Sunday, TMZ posted an image of the couple at Starbucks in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Hyder’s hometown, which led to the rumor. People said the couple was seen “holding hands during the excursion.”

Neither the former “O.C” the Star actor or “Barry” has publicly confirmed anything, but both are divorced. Hader separated from his wife from 11-year Maggie Carrie in 2017, while Bilson separated from her longtime partner, Hayden Christensen. The couple met just before the decade they co-starred in “To-Do List” in 2013, written and directed by Carey. The representatives of Hader and Bilson did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Whatever the romantic situation of the couple at the moment, people have a lot to say about it:

According to us, rumors about the couple’s date in early November, when Hader’s picture was taken on time with Bilson. The couple has a history together. They appeared on The Two Do List (directed by Hader’s now ex-wife, Maggie Carey) in 2013 and had a sex scene together.

Both Bilson and Hyder have two years of divorce. She separated from her husband Hayden Christensen in September 2017, and the two shared a five-year-old daughter, Briar Rose. Hader and Carey separated in July 2017 and have three daughters. Here, some views of people about the duo’s relationship.

Rumors Sparked he was dating Nick Viall!!!

In September, Bilson sparked rumors that he was dating The Bachelor’s former student, Nick Viall, after appearing on his podcast, Viall Files, and raised questions about her on the red carpet. Bilson told Viall that he had to be careful about dating while he was five. “She hasn’t met anyone yet, and she would be someone I know I’ll be with her,” she said, E.T. Therefore, the Duos (Bilson or Hader) knows their relationship status but not we in, fact their fans also talking about his relationship and they have known that there is definitely something fishy between them, respectively.

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