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Queen Of South: Season 5? What Is Known So Far?

Queen of South freshly aired this month, and after the Season four release, fans are already excited for season 5. If you want to know more about the potential season 5, then don’t worry; we got you converted and provide every possible valid information regarding the fifth Season.

Renewal Status

After the release of Season 4, the filming process of Season tends to start in March, but Coronavirus struck hard. So the show already got the green light in the midway of Season four. So there is nothing to worry about season 5 as it will come for sure, and further seasons also speculated.

Production Status

After the sudden halt of the filming process, it is reported that filming will resumes in October this fall. As for the safety and preventive measures to restrain the spread of the virus.

Expected Release Date

Now the main concern, when the show will likely hit the screen? If we consider the annual tradition of release, then the month of June is the desired mark on the calendar. But this time the show might face a few delays and could arrive in August next fall. But there were rumors that show could get an early release and will come out in March Next fall.