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Peninsula: The Sequel Of Train To Busan Receives A U.S Release Date

Peninsula has received a U.S release date. What can we expect from the sequel of Train to Busan? What are the recent updates? Here’s everything we know about the cast, release date, and plot Peninsula.

Peninsula: Release Date

Train to Busan 2 has secured a U.S release date. Peninsula the sequel of the zombie movie Train to Busan will hit American theaters next month. Peninsula is set to hit the theaters on August 7. Peninsula has screened in 150 Canadian theaters for the first time. Train to Busan was a huge success, grossing $ 92 million at the global review box office. Director Yeon Sang-ho is the director of the sequel.

Peninsula: Plotline

Train to Busan presents Peninsula trailer was released in April. It turned out that the sequel would change things considerably. The peninsula centers on Jung-Seok, a soldier who had previously survived the diseased wasteland. When assigned a secret task, he is forced to ease the horror. The mission comes with two simple objectives: to recover and to survive. The film, titled “Peninsula”, will take place 4 years after the “Train to Busan” incident, which at that time became uninhabited wastelands throughout the Korean peninsula.

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However, small groups of humans have survived, are still trapped and without any certainty of rescue or relief. The film takes place in the ruins of the Korean peninsula, which has seen the collapse of civilization in the first film. In the world of cinema, the rest of the world completely blocks the peninsula, trying to stop the outbreak, and the plot will follow a former soldier (Dong-won Gang), who fled from the control area. It is, but you must go back to get something important.

Peninsula: Cast

The cast of the Train to Busan sequel “Peninsula” will feature stars like:

  • Gang Dong-won as Jung-Seok
  • Lee Jung-Hyun as Min-jung
  • Lee Re as Joon
  • Kim Do-Yoon as Chul-min
  • Jang So-Yeon as Jung-Seok’s elder sister
  • Moon Woo-jin as Dong-hwan
  • Kim Kyu-Baek as Private Kim
  • Bella Rahim as Major Jane

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