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Parasite 2: Here’s What We Know So Far About The Sequel

Parasite 2: Everything About The Sequel!!!

Parasite is one of the biggest movies in South Korea. I was watching Netflix’s huge TV series and movie catalog from South Korea. While it is best to learn as little as possible about the Parasite, it is based on an unemployed family participating in more prosperous family life. It quickly turns into a different kind of movie. The film is eager to make a mark at all award ceremonies during 2024. It won the Golden Globe Award for the first time in South Korea when it won Best Foreign Film.

When it’s released?

As well as there is no confirmed release date for the series yet. And according to Bong’s statement, it won’t be out until 2027.

Will Parasite Joined the Hand With the Netflix?

Unfortunately, no transmission plan has yet been confirmed for the Parasite. However, we know that the film is in demand for video streaming on January 14, 2024. We also know that as of February 2024, the film will feature a selected theater.

The dealer generally sells the show on the platform. It was distributed in a parasitic case by a Korean entertainment company called CJ Entertainment. Although some of his movies are available on Netflix in South Korea like The Truth Beneath (2016), The Princess and Matchmaker (2018), we couldn’t find any of his titles outside of Netflix, in the case of Parasite, we can imagine a streaming service selling as a title in person in late 2024. The film has won awards and is expected to be highly sought after. This is disappointing news, but for now, it’s until we have more news.

Other Updates:

Until we left, we felt we should note that Bong Joon-ho had previously worked with Netflix. As you may remember, he wrote and directed the brilliant movie Okja in 2017. The film was an award-winning success and is still recognized as one of the best Netflix original movies. Three of the Golden Globes also nominated Parasite: Best Picture – Foreign Language, Best Director, and Best Screenplay. For the Best Picture – Foreign Language, he brought the Golden Globe home, respectively.

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