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Overlord Season 4: Significant Updates On Its Revival, Air Date, Potential Storyline, And More

The Japanese series Overlord is directed by Naoyuki Ito. The series showcases the 22nd century in which you will witness next generation gaming UI a virtual world or future. The series already has 3 hit seasons and all set for the fourth one.

Here you will get to know everything:

The expected release date of season 4?

The show has been renewed for the fourth season. Before the epidemic, production was going well. The anime’s release date was in late 2023, but it’s unlikely to have a date. Fans may have to wait another year before the studios relax.

There is no information on the season’s release date. The directors have just said that if the footage is received in season 3, we’ll think about releasing season 4. You can expect season 4 in 2023. Also, you know most of the series was postponed due to the coronavirus. So this series is affected by it.

Will Overlord Season 4 Happen??? Release Date, Plot and Everything ...
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The cast members of the show:

The main character and his cast of voices will remain the same. We can witness

  • Satoshi Hino
  • Yami Hara

as the main cast of the show.

In the supporting cast, we got to see

  • Sumire Tsaka,
  • Manami Numakara
  • Miyasaki Katou.

The plot of Overlord season 4

The story revolves around Monga’s life, which is a sad and miserable future. The main heroes in the YGGDRASIL universe stand out. It also follows Ange’s self-awareness in this world.

In the third season, you have seen Ainz face some problems being the ruler. You have to deal with competition in light of the new responsibilities you have to fulfill. The narrative will continue from where season 3 ended.

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